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Key facts United States taxation

Delaware is home to more than one million business entities that choose it for its modern and flexible corporate laws, respected judiciary and legal community and business-friendly environment.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

  • No corporate income tax for corporations which do not transact business in the state
  • Non-resident companies pay an annual franchise tax with a minimum of US$175
  • No minimum capital is required
  • No disclosure of the names of Shareholders
  • An individual can hold all corporate offices and be the sole Director
  • No residency requirements for Shareholders, Officers and Directors
  • Shareholders and Directors can act by written unanimous consent

Foreign Ownership of Delaware Corporations:

  • No restrictions on foreign ownership or management of the corporation
  • Shareholders may be individuals or business entities of any nationality or residence
  • Local Registered Office and local Registered Agent is required
  • The By-Laws of a corporation are not a matter of public record
  • No disclosure of the names of Shareholders
  • Corporate records may be maintained outside the US
  • Filing of tax return with the US Internal Revenue Service is required