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The CONVELUM Group provides advisory services as business organization and corporate restructuring, corporate finance, financial accounting and reporting services, international tax planning and structuring, transfer pricing services, Interim CFO services, Mergers & acquisitions and transactions, and transformation and technology. Furthermore, the CONVELUM Group is experienced in the incorporation of international companies in different jurisdictions to create sound and efficient tax structures, that comply with rules and regulation in different jurisdictions.

The CONVELUM Group is educated and well known in European, EU tax advisory and global tax advisory. This however does not mean that an individual inspection of a potential clients’ background, domestic tax liability and international expansion can be forgotten. The CONVELUM Group wants to prevent that their clients have to enter into discussion with national and international tax authorities.

The CONVELUM Group offers tax advisory services in the countries: as listed under the jurisdictions. If required, the number of jurisdictions can be amplified, depending on specific needs of our clients.

Although the information on this website is written by professionals and designed with utmost care, the personal situation of individual, their companies and legal structure is subject to international tax laws. These laws were studied before the information on this website was prepared. Third party websites may from time to time discuss the vision and ideas of the CONVELUM Group. There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions and therefore tax advice is always tailor made. This means that the information on this website, and information from or relating to the CONVELUM Group is for information purposes only and cannot be seen as advice or guidance.

International tax law and its arising rules and regulation are subject to changes. The public debate about tax restructuring and optimization can further enhance opinions. Therefore, some of the information on this website can change from time to time, making previous information inaccurate. Due to the content of this website and the nature of the information provided herein, the CONVELUM Group cannot be held responsible for actions taken after reading articles or news on this website.

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